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Wifi Brands All Over The World.

There are many manufacturers and brands that produce Wi-Fi networking equipment, including routers, access points, and range extenders. Here are some well-known Wi-Fi brands:

  1. Cisco: Cisco is a major player in the networking industry and offers a wide range of enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions.
  2. Netgear: Netgear is known for its consumer and small business networking products, including routers, switches, and wireless access points.
  3. Linksys: Linksys, a subsidiary of Belkin International, offers a variety of home and small business networking devices, including routers and mesh Wi-Fi systems.
  4. TP-Link: TP-Link is a global provider of networking devices, including routers, access points, and range extenders, often known for their affordability.
  5. ASUS: ASUS manufactures a range of wireless routers, including gaming routers and high-performance options.
  6. D-Link: D-Link offers networking solutions for both home and business users, including Wi-Fi routers and access points.
  7. Ubiquiti Networks: Ubiquiti specializes in enterprise-level wireless networking and offers products like UniFi access points and security gateways.
  8. Apple: Apple’s AirPort line of products, though discontinued, was popular among Apple users for its ease of use and integration with macOS and iOS.
  9. Google: Google has entered the Wi-Fi market with products like Google Nest Wi-Fi, designed for home use.
  10. Eero: Eero is known for its mesh Wi-Fi systems, which provide whole-home coverage with multiple access points.
  11. Orbi (by NETGEAR): Orbi is a mesh Wi-Fi system developed by NETGEAR for extended wireless coverage in larger homes.
  12. Xiaomi: Xiaomi offers a range of affordable Wi-Fi routers and smart home products, primarily in Asian markets.
  13. Synology: While primarily known for its NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, Synology also produces routers with advanced features.
  14. AmpliFi (by Ubiquiti Networks): AmpliFi is Ubiquiti’s consumer-focused brand, known for its stylish mesh Wi-Fi systems.
  15. Tenda: Tenda is known for its budget-friendly networking equipment, including routers and mesh systems.
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Keep in mind that the popularity and availability of these brands may vary by region, and new brands and products continually emerge in the Wi-Fi networking market. When choosing a Wi-Fi router or networking equipment, it’s essential to consider your specific needs, budget, and the coverage area you require.

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