TP Link Router TL-WR820N Setup

First and foremost, getting to know about the device you set up is something you should not miss. Therefore, TP is a popular tech-brand famous for manufacturing tech devices and accessories. In other words, TP-Link is a well-known worldwide provider of reliable networking devices and accessories that fulfills people’s daily necessities. Specifically, the TP Link router TL-WR820N helps increase your WiFi ranges and improve network connectivity even in dead zones of your house. Apart from this, you can easily connect the TP Link router TL-WR820N with other smart devices as well as it is flexibly compatible. 

You can even configure or customize your TP Link router TL-WR820N setting once you log in via your TP Link Login account. Furthermore, here you have some downward steps that you can follow to learn the process of TP Link router TL-WR820N setup via your TP Link login account. Doing so enables you to enjoy endless and hassle-free online gaming, downloading, online streaming, searching, etc.

How to Set up TP Link Router TL-WR820N Router?

  • Begin by opening a compatible and secure web browser in your system. And a few of them are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc. After that, type tplinkwifi URL into the address bar and press the ‘Enter Key.’
  • Next, use your TP Link login account to log in with the password you set for your TP Link router TL-WR820N router. 
  • Once you are done, jump onto the Advanced > Network Control > Access Controls options back to back. 
  • Now, to move forward, enable the Access Control option. After that, to allow or block only the internet activities mentioned in the table, Select Whitelist or Blacklist options. 
  • Afterward, once clicking the Add option, as per the rules, enter a brief description. After that, click the Configure option, which you can see in the Hosts Under Control column. Further, you can add one or more hosts via a verified IP address range or MAC addresses. 
  • Remember to create a different or unique description for the host. While selecting IP Address as Mode, enter the host’s IP address in a dotted decimal format, for instance, And if you choose MAC Address, then enter it as the host in the XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX format, for instance, 00-11-22-33-44-AA.
  • Further, click on Configure option, which you can see in the Target column. And then, either click the Any Target icon to add all internet content or click Add icon to add specific internet content. Also, keep in mind to create a unique or different description for the target.
  • Suppose you selected IP Address as mode, enter the IP address of the target in the format of dotted-decimal. Also, remember to specify the port or port range of the target. Moreover, choosing one common server, such as HTTP, 80 will be filled in the Port automatically. 
  • On the other hand, if you selected Website Domain, enter four domain names, either an entire name or keywords. Consequently, any domain name with keywords in it either be allowed or blocked. 
  • Continue by clicking on the Configure option, which you can see in the Schedule column. After that, click the Any Time option so that you can add all times, or click Add icon to add the specific timing. Ensure to create a unique or different description for the schedule. And then, to set the impactful periods, click and drag across the cells. 
  • Notably, never forget to select the correct time zones on Advanced>System Tools>Time Settings options. Last, to complete the settings, save the rule, and that’s how you can set up your TP Link router TL-WR820N router via your TP Link login account.