How To Use TP-Link AC1900 WiFi Router

Ac1900 Tplinkwifi router setup offers extensive networking coverage for your place. Furthermore, its three complete antennas and beam technology work attentive network indication. This TP Link setup is of the latest 802.11ac Wave2 wifi technology. The double bands of the ac1900 router are improved with 1300Mbps and 600Mbps speed on 5GHz and 2.4GHz bandwidth, separately. Moreover, you get features like parental controls and a firewall which you can access with a TP Link Login account. 

Approach TPlinkwifi AC1900 Router

For your tp link router login, the first thing is to sign in, then set up the tp-link wifi router. Additionally, one may follow the below straightforward directions for a trouble-free tp link login method – 

  • In the beginning, open a secure web browser. 
  • Next, run the router URL or default address to access the sign-up page; you may use the IP address 
  • Now, you’ll land on the tp link router login page.
  • There, enter the standard SSID and password. Both the credentials are “admin.” 
  • Then Click on the login button. 

You did it well, and now the login is created successfully. If you cannot do so, just reach out to customer support experts further towards the setup of your tp-link router AC1900. 

AC1900 wifi Router Setup

This section entails the tp link router configuration procedure that requires your undivided attention. 


  • To begin with, plug your device/router into the power origin. 
  • There is a yellow-colored port on the back of the Tp-Link router; attach the modem to that port with an Ethernet cable.
  • Following that, connect the ac1900 to a power origin and thumb the power button. 
  • After pressing the power button, make sure that the LED indicator of your newly purchased router lights up with white light. 


Setting up the TP-Link Router Network

TP-Link Router Network

There are three distinguished ways through which one may set up tplinkwifi ac1900 to the authentic home network. One is a wired setup, another is a wireless setup (both are web-based setups), and the last is via a Wi-Fi-secured setup button. 

Choose a Suitable Option for Yourself. Going Further –
Web-Based – Wireless Process
  • Firstly power your tp-link router and wait for the LED indicator to flash in white. 
  • After that, open the wifi device and choose the settings, whether it be your phone or laptop.
  • Next, look at the back label of your ac1900; there are SSIDs for the network link.
  • Search for the name of the network and sync the network.
  • The device has been attached to the network, and the web-based wireless setup is complete.
Web-Based – Wired Process
  • In the beginning, plug the router into the electric port and look for the LED indicator that is all lit up with white. 
  • Now, use the Ethernet cable to set up a connection between the tp-link router ac1900 and your laptop or Desktop. 
  • Then after, open the wifi connection settings of your system. 
  • Then check the label on the back of the router; the username and password are mentioned on it. 
  • Search for that username and attach the network. 


Congratulations; your wifi is connected to the newly bought tp-link router ac1900 and setup is accomplished. 

Wi-Fi Protected Process
  • At first, if the tp-link router is connected to a power plug. If not, connect it. 
  • Now, wait for the LED indicator to turn solid white.
  • Look for the WPS direction of your home router/ modem. Complete them.
  • Then hold the WPS button on the router.
  • Within two minutes, hold the WPS button of your home modem too. If there are other instructions, follow step three.
  • The connection is complete.

All the steps mentioned above are required to be followed to ready the tp link setup ac1900. If you need any other help or are still having difficulties establishing a connection, then feel free to reach out to the technical experts for comprehensive support.


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