How to Set up a TP-Link EAP via a Web Browser

Why do you need to do TP-Link EAP Setup? The TP-Link EAP devices are programmed to be acceptable for your home and business. Furthermore, the software allows you to manage many tplinkwifi in numerous sites which operate in a single location. It gives you the power to modify the whole network from any connected system, which constructs the business Wi-Fi control further well organized and profitable. 

The EAP Software is combined with tplinkwifi EAP program devices to generate a beneficial network offering more productivity. Additionally, this device explains how to set up TP-Link EAP online. There are two methods to do the TP-Link EAP setup. One procedure is via the TP-Link EAP controller software, and the second is via a web browser. In this article, you may learn how to configure it via a web browser. Have a look at the instructions mentioned below.

Configure TP Link EAP Through a Web Browser.

TP Link EAP Through a Web Browser

This section contains the second approach to the setup of EAP through a web browser. Adhere to these step-by-step instructions to accomplish the same:

1. Connect with Network:

  • Firstly, attach the EAP device to your home network.
  • Connect the EAP device to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Following that, attach your existing PC to your TPLinkWifi router via an Ethernet cable.
  • Then, set your router so that your PC and EAP device can get a reforming IP address from the router and connect to the internet.

2. Sign up for the EAP Device:

  • First, set your wireless device, such as a Desktop or laptop, to get an IP address automatically.
  • Next, select the Network settings on your PC.
  • Following that, scan the wireless network and select your EAP network from the access list.
  • Join your EAP device’s network using your tplinkwifi login name and password. You can find the network SSID and password on the printed sticker at the bottom of the device.
  • Confirm your PC has an IP address of the DNS server.
  • After that, launch a web browser on your PC and enter or tplinkwifi net. However, the official domain name of the EAP device is
  • Furthermore, sign in with your tplinkwifi login credentials on the TP-Link EAP login page.
  • Finally, click ‘Login’ to browse the TP-Link EAP setup page.

3. Configure the EAP Device:

  • Once you log in to the TPLink format page, you can change the settings of the EAP device.
  • There, click the Wireless Settings and shift to the wireless SSID.
  • Then, set a network name and enable the security mode. Select the WPA-PSK encryption key.
  • You can convert the other settings as per your requirement. Tap ‘Apply’ to save the changes.

If you are not able to get access to the TP Link Login EAP setup page through the domain name, try below troubleshooting tips:


  • Clean the browser cache or use another web browser to log in again.
  • Following, tap the wireless setting of your PC. Please turn off the Wi-Fi button and then turn it on. Now reconnect the network again.
  • Try to reconnect or reboot the TP-Link EAP device.
  • You can also log in to the EAP device through its IP address “”.
  • In case the login doesn’t work, reset the device of EAP to its factory default settings and retry. 

So this is how we can set up a TPLinkWifi EAP through a web browser. If you have any questions or queries, contact their technical experts. 


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