The TP-Link is a wi-fi router or an extender device that amplifies the wifi speeds. Also, this TP-link offers wireless routers because of different requirements and demands for the amazing internet connectivity that covers your home and office space. Moreover, you can easily connect multiple devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, or even more via a TPlinkwifi wireless router. 

The TPlinkwifi wireless router has an advanced range of features, so you can easily customize the settings and get the latest features updates. To do this, you must log in to the web page containing all the prior information about the tp-link wifi router and its TP link extender setup or tplinkrepeater. Furthermore, you will get to know about setting up your router, how to update its firmware, troubleshooting, and not working issues regarding TP link extender setup.

What is

First, log into the router’s interface for configuring and customizing the tp-link router settings. After doing this, you have to put this gateway into the address bar to get access to your router’s advanced security settings. For applying the tp link wifi firmware update, first, change the tp link wireless name and password, or you can set up the parental controls by using the default gateway. Apart from this, you can also use weblink as an alternative gateway to log into the tp link extender setup page.

Steps to Get your TP Link Device in Working Mode

➔ First, connect the modem to the tp link wifi router via an Ethernet cable. 

➔ Next, connect any wireless device to the LAN port of the tp-link device via an Ethernet cable. 

➔ Afterward, one by one, turn on all the devices and provide the power supply. And after doing this, open a web browser using the tp-link router login in your system. 

➔ Now, either type into the address bar. Also, ensure the connectivity of your system to the wireless network. 

➔ Afterward, you must enter your login Id or password in the field. Remember, you will be redirected to the quick setup wizard page after clicking the login button. 

➔ Finally, select the connection type you want to set up into the internet connection. Then, enter your network name and password to launch your Tp-link extender setup or tplinkrepeater successfully.

How to Login into Tp-Link Router via

How to Login into Tp-Link Router via

Start by connecting your Ethernet cable from the router’s LAN port to one of the internet ports on the computer system. 

➔ Next, visit the web link in a browser to access the tplinkwifi router login page. 

➔ Once you reach the admin page, enter the username and password of your router and click on the Login tab.  

➔ Now, in the device’s user manual, you will find the default login details. Suppose your username and password do not work; then there might be chances of changes in the default details. 

➔ Finally, if the shows an error or not working, then it is required to reset the tp-link device to the factory defaults.

How to Upgrade the TP Link Router Firmware?

First, download the latest firmware via TP-Link’s official website. And login to the TP-link web interface using your user id and password. 

➔ Next, click on the “System” tools; once the quick setup wizard page appears on the screen.

➔ You need to click the ‘Browse’ button and then the ‘Upload’ button to upload the saved file.

➔ Afterward, click on the ‘Upgrade’ tab to start the firmware update. Also, remember the tp-link firmware update process will take some time to complete. 

➔ At last, click the ‘Finish’ button; only then the tp-link device will reboot automatically.

How to Upgrade the TP Link Router Firmware

The Initial Process for TPlink Router Setup

Follow the Downward Steps for the Initial Setup Process of the TPLink Routers:

How can you change the WiFi Password of the TPLink Router?

Follow the Downward Steps for the Initial Setup Process of the TPLink Routers:

How To Configure Access Control On The TP-Link Wifi Router?

Sometimes, enabling the Access Control feature blocks or allows specific devices to access your network. To prevent this, follow the downward steps to enable this option on the tplinkwifi device:

How To Configure Access Control On The TP-Link Wifi Router

Start by logging into the setup page via a network-connected PC.

➔ Now, click the Advanced tab from the Tp-link router configuration page. And select the Access control under the security. 

➔ Next, enable the Access Control to allow or block the end devices.

➔ Afterward, for blocking the specific devices, choose the Blacklist option and then add the devices to the blacklist.

➔ Finally, select the Whitelist and add devices with their Mac addresses to permit some devices. And click on the Save button to apply the changes in TP Link.

How to Reset the TP-Link Router to the Factory Defaults?

➔ Before you start, remember resetting the tplinkwifi device will restore its settings to the factory defaults. 

➔ Also, it is required to figure out the router from the beginning.  

➔ To reset your tp link wifi router, press and hold the reset button on the router’s back or bottom panel. 

➔ After that, keep holding the button for a few seconds with a paperclip.  

➔ Finally, release the button once the LED light on the tp-link device becomes stable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you do if says a page is not working?

The is the web interface or a gateway the users utilize to gain access to the Tp-link extender setup through login. During the login procedure, you have to enter the web address. Still, sometimes, the Tp-link address does not work correctly due to some factors. And these are: Wrong web address, Using an outdated web browser, clogged web browser, no connection to the Tp-link network, and due to faulty ethernet cable or wrong connection.

2. What is the default login process for

Follow the downward steps to quickly log in to the Tp-link admin page via the web link and login credentials. And, remember you will face glitches and technical issues while processing if you skip any steps. Ensure the connectivity of your computer to the Tp-link network. Open a web browser and enter the IP or web address in the URL bar. Click to Enter, and doing this will open the login page. Type your login details, and remember both should be in a lower case. Click on “Login” on the screen, redirecting you to the tp link extender setup page. Hence, you can proceed with your other network or router settings.